Synopsis: To Avenge

When a young woman is brutally assaulted and the justice system fails her, a stranger takes matters into her own hands.

Actress Taylor Hay as Vera Castor in To Avenge Movie

  • Days after her college graduation, Vera heads to the shore to meet up with her friend Christina.  While on the Ocean City Maryland boardwalk one evening, the girls attract the unwanted attention of four men.  Returning to her family’s beach house later that night, the men follow Vera home and sexually assault her.

    When her attackers are arrested, Vera is unaware of the media storm that awaits. Two of the men are brothers from the wealthy and powerful Danvers family. Coercion and blackmail behind-the-scenes lead to the DA dropping the charges. Unknown to Vera, someone is watching. Taarna is a young woman outraged by the way women are often treated during sexual assault proceedings. Though she does not know Vera, she is determined to avenge the crime and right the wrong.  In Taarna’s mind, if the system won’t obtain justice-- she will.

Tidal Wave on the Ocean City, MD Boardwalk

Trimpers triple-loop roller coaster and haunted house dark ride, Ocean City, MD boardwalk.

Trimpers Amusements' triple-loop Tidal Wave roller coaster stands guard over the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk. To Avenge begins here at the OCMD inlet and Trimper's iconic haunted house dark ride, one night in late May.

To Avenge - Filmed On Location

To Avenge filming Ocean City, MD, Assateague Island, Cape May, NJ, Slaughter Beach, Wilmington,DE

No studio backlots.  'To Avenge' will film extensively throughout Ocean City, Maryland and Delaware-- from Slaughter Beach to Wilmington. Additional scenes will be shot on Assateague Island and in Cape May, New Jersey.